Payday loans no credit check in 10 minutes of up to 5,000 euros

A few years ago, it was impossible to get loans in 10 minutes , the complicated economic situation of the country and the rigid conditions of the banks. Currently, we can contact several private equity entities that will allow us to access loans in 10 minutes without paperwork 100% online.

Where to get loans in 10 minutes without paperwork?

When we decide to request a fast credit without paperwork, we have two options to which we can go, although both are offered by private equity companies, they vary in terms of the amount, term and interest. These are lenders who will not require us to comply with conditions as rigid as banks. Below we show two types of credits that meet these characteristics:

  1. Quick mini-credits: these are products with which we can get small amounts of money that do not exceed 1,200 euros. They allow us to access 10% online financing and dispose of the money in minutes. In addition, they accept a broader range of profiles than banks, for example, in some cases we can get liquidity even if we are registered in a delinquency file. Its cost is around 1.1% per day, so 100 euros lent to 30 days will generate 33 euros in interest.
  2. Quick loans: with these products we can access higher amounts of money, up to 5,000 euros. Like mini-credits, they have an application process that does not require paperwork and with which we can dispose of the money in a matter of minutes. The difference is that they allow us to repay the capital in terms of up to 2 years and its cost is not as high as that of the mini-credits, but it is more than the cost of personal loans.

Thanks to the application of fintech ( technology applied to finance) to the financial sector, entities have been able to integrate analysis and automatic response systems to gain speed and simplicity in their processes. Thus, once we have made the request, sent the documents and accepted the credit agreement, we will only have to wait to receive the money in our bank account.

The demands imposed by the banking sector regarding the granting of loans instantly have encouraged the emergence of more private capital entities. However, banks have also evolved in this direction, as they increasingly offer more quick loans with more lax requirements, such as, for example, payroll advances, even if they are not a new product, allow us to get the amount of up to 3 or more payrolls instantly, but if we decide to request a quick loan without paperwork and without being clients, we will have to go to private equity lenders. Their specialty is this type of products that are requested as fast as they are granted, thanks to the type of process they use.

Purposes of the loans in 10 minutes online

This type of quick credits have been created so that users can have the money in their account in minutes, once requested and without having to give any kind of explanation about the purpose for which they want to use it.

Having such a short repayment term, it is not advisable to use fast loans without paperwork as a usual means of financing. In fact, they are designed to solve specific problems of liquidity or emergencies that may arise with those that we did not have. These are some of the most common situations in which it may be advisable to apply for quick loans without paperwork:

  1. Fines: it is one of the purposes for which these products were created, since a fine is not something that, generally, we can foresee. It is an unforeseen event that can cost us dearly and even more so if we delay in paying it. Therefore, requesting an urgent credit can be one of the best options to pay as little as possible regarding the fine.
  2. Unforeseen events: the washing machine breaks down, we run out of refrigerators or we simply receive a bill for electricity that we did not have. In these situations, it is also advisable to request an immediate loan, as we will settle the problem immediately and avoid making the situation worse.
  3. Discovered banking: if we do not have sufficient liquidity in our bank account and we will receive a receipt that will leave us in the famous “red numbers”, we can request an urgent credit and prevent the bank from advancing the money. If we end up having a bank overdraft, we will end up paying commissions and interest to the bank for having advanced the capital and probably will be more expensive than an urgent credit.

In any of these situations it may be appropriate to request a loan in 15 minutes without paperwork, but before doing so it is important to know our economic situation to know if we will be able to repay the debt within the established period. If we are not sure, the best thing is that we do not request it, since we could enter into a debt spiral from which it will be very difficult for us to leave without the commissions that the lenders may include.

How to request urgent credits without paperwork?

The process of requesting the loans in 10 minutes without paperwork is very simple and brief. There are several factors that will make us receive the money sooner or later, but in most cases, we will only have to wait a few minutes. These are the steps to follow in order to access fast money without paperwork:

  1. Compare and choose between the urgent credits until finding the one that best suits what we are looking for.
  2. Select the amount of money we want and the term in which we will reimburse it.
  3. Fill in the online form with our economic and personal data.
  4. Send the documentation required by the lender.
  5. Read the contract carefully and, if we agree with the conditions, accept it.
  6. Wait to receive the money in our bank account.

Before performing all these steps, it is important that we make sure that all of our documents are up-to-date and that the information we send on the form is correct. Otherwise, the lender will reject our application and we will take more time to receive the quick money loan.

How much will I receive my fast online loan?

In general, when we ask for payday loans no credit check, companies will respond to us almost instantly and, in case of approval, they will transfer the money to us for a maximum of 15 minutes- Citrus North offers them too. However, on some occasions, we could take up to 48 hours to receive the money, as there are certain aspects that may delay the concession process.

What if I’m registered with ASNEF?

In the event that we are registered in a file of defaults such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN, our options for obtaining financing will be much smaller, especially in regard to personal loans of large amounts. However, if what we want to achieve are fast loans of small amounts, there are several private equity lenders that will allow us to obtain them.

In fact, some of these companies have launched their products for customers registered in delinquent files as a strategy to attract their attention and expand their customer base. In addition, these products include the same characteristics as the rest, that is, the same price, amount, term, and so on.

However, there is something that does change and there are the conditions for granting it since we have to meet two additional requirements :

  • First, that the debt for which we are enrolled is not related to any bank entity. That is to say, the debt can not come from any product issued by a bank, such as a fee for an unpaid card, a bank draft, and so on.
  • Second, that the amount of the debt is not greater than the limit established by the company. Generally, they are usually 500 euros, although we can find companies that set the maximum at 200 or 1,000 euros.

If we are sure that we comply with these requirements and with the rest of the general requirements, we can obtain loans in 10 minutes and without the need to fill in paperwork.