How to earn fast and secure money with payday loans

If we are looking for how to make fast money, with the mini online loans we can get up to 750 euros in just 15 minutes and with a period of up to 30 days to return it. Compare among the best deals of the moment and discover how to get fast and save money without paperwork, without complications, and without changing banks.

How to earn fast and save money in minutes

With these payday loans, GT: it is possible to get money in just a few minutes. Our application and grant protocols are designed to offer their clients quick money. However, although these credits approve the request immediately and we will receive the money at the time they receive the signed contract, we can not always get the money in our account instantly.

This delay is due to the particularity of the transfers between bank accounts. Normally transfers of money between accounts of the same bank are made instantly, but transfers between accounts of different banks will take between 24 and 48 hours. Since the lenders do not have accounts in all banks in Spain, if we choose a lender who does not work with the bank where we have our current account, the money will take longer to arrive.

Who can help me make money fast and safe?

Unlike what happened until very recently, when the only way to get fast money was through our bank, we can now get fast financing through different channels. In the current financial scenario, if we want to know how to make money quickly and safely, we can go to the following entities that will allow us to obtain credits:

  • Banking entities: they are the most popular option and resorted by the majority of users. We all have an account in a bank, so one of our first options will always be to resort to them and see what they offer us. However, it can be more difficult to get capital quickly than in other companies, although if we are old clients and have a good track record, we can benefit from different advantages. For example, we can get money immediately through credit cards, payroll advances, etc. We can also have a credit without asking, through the pre-granted loans of the entities to their clients.
  • Private lenders: they are the kings of quick money. They allow us to obtain not very high amounts with more lax concession requirements than other entities and without the need to contract linked products in order to access them or change banks or have a minimum of seniority in the entity.

Before going to an entity or another, it is advisable that we inform ourselves about the conditions offered by each one and that we assess which of them best suits our needs. In this way, we can choose the one that suits us without fear of making mistakes. In addition, if we are attentive to the different offers and promotions that lenders usually launch, we can get their products for a much lower cost than usual or, even, free.

Is it safe to request money urgently?

Yes. Asking for fast borrowed money is very safe if we go to a reliable company that incorporates the relevant security protocols on its website. However, along with legal companies, several fraudulent organizations have recently appeared that try to deceive applicants with false offers, so it is important to be cautious with any lender that generates any doubt. To avoid deception we must take into account some factors that will help us distinguish legitimate companies:

  • A reliable lender will NOT ask us for money in advance: it is essential that we never send money in advance to any company that grants fast and safe capital. We may find ourselves with an entity that asks us for money in advance to cover, for example, “management expenses” or “attorney’s fees”. Either way, we will only have to pay once the repayment period expires and never before.
  • No company can remove us from a list of defaulters: if we come across an entity that assures us of taking out any file of defaults, the first thing that we will have to do is to doubt, since they can not do it. The only way out of ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN is to make the debt effective.
  • Verify that our data is safe: when we request quick and easy money on the website of an entity, we have to make sure that the data we enter will be secure and encrypted. To know this, we must look at two indicators: first, that the web address bar has a green padlock symbol and second, that the URL of the lender’s website starts with #.

Another action that will help us distinguish an official entity from a fraudulent entity is to seek opinions and experiences of other users. This way we will have references of other people who have already requested fast and comfortable money in them. In addition, we can go to the Spanish Association of Microloans and see if the entity we are going to is safe and includes the stamp of the association and, although not all the officers are, if we find one registered in the association, we will have the security that we are in the right place.

What should I submit to get fast and save money?

One of the great advantages that private equity companies offer us is that we just have to waste time on paperwork and the documentation that we are required to present is minimal. In addition, many lenders have included services to further expedite the request and grant of urgent money. For example, many have the Instantor application, which allows us to validate our data immediately. Each entity will ask for some documents or others according to their policies, although the vast majority will only ask for the following:

  • Identity document: DNI, NIE or passport. To know the age we have and make sure that we live permanently in the national territory.
  • Proof of income: an official document proving that we receive sufficient and regular income.
  • Bank statement: so that the entity knows what expenses and monthly income we have and what is our current account number to make the income.
  • An email address and telephone number: both communication channels will be useful to maintain contact with the entity throughout the application process.

These documents will be sufficient for the lender to analyze our profile and can decide whether to grant us safe and fast money or not. It is important that, before sending them, we make sure they are updated (that they are valid) and that the photocopies we send are perfectly readable or we will not be able to make fast money online.

How to earn fast and save money without payroll?

While it is true that getting quick and easy money on a day without a payroll can be more complicated since our revenues will precede an alternative source, fast credit entities will accept profiles of users who have a source of income with the following characteristics :

  • Sufficient: the income we receive each month must exceed the limit established by the entity, otherwise, they will not grant us fast and save money.
  • Recurrent: we must receive the income periodically, that is, an extra salary or, for example, a scholarship that lasts 1 month will not be enough.
  • Justifiable: the income we receive must be legal, that is, we need an official document of the money we receive each month in our account.

In the event that our income meets the requirements established by the lender, in principle, we should not have problems to make money fast and secure. However, it is advisable that we make sure before making the request that the company we are going to consider our source of income as valid. In any case, the most common profiles accepted by these companies are unemployment benefits, the salary of the self-employed, a scholarship, a pension or the rental of a home.