The Government cedes the ownership of seven hospitals to the Generalitat

The votes of CiU in the Congress begin to have counterparts

The Labor Commission of the Congress approved yesterday with the socialist votes and those of the Catalan group the reform of the law of Social Security that delays the age of retirement to the 67 years and that yields the ownership of the headquarters of the Institut Català de la Salut ( ICS ) and seven hospitals to the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The assignment represents a capital increase

for the Catalan public sector that the Regional Ministry of Economy valued at 1,200 million euros and incorporated this spring into its economic-financial rebalancing plan for the 2011-13 period. The Ministry of Economy and Finance did not then give its approval to this accounting, which will have value in the new version of the plan that should be approved in the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council to be held in mid-July.

But the most important thing in the short term is that the Government will be able to use the eight buildings to sell them and then rent them with an option to repurchase, as many private companies have done in recent years. The Generalitat estimates that the sale could report to its coffers between 300 and 400 million euros with which to swell the bulky public deficit that must be reduced urgently.

The ICS has been managing hospitalsfor over 30 years and paying maintenance, despite which they were still Social Security property. The centers that the Government will cede to the Generalitat are the headquarters of the ICS, located on Balmes street in Barcelona at the confluence with Gran Via; the Vall d’Hebron hospital, the Bellvitge hospital, the Josep Trueta in Girona, the Germans Trias i Pujol in Badalona (Can Ruti), the Arnau hospital in Vilanova, the Viladecans hospital and the La Verge hospital in Tortosa.

Although this concessiondoes not itself resolve the dispute between the Government and theGovernment for the payment of the advance of the competitiveness fund for this year, valued at around 1,500 million, it does imply an important rapprochement between the two administrations.

In addition, the wording of the amendment introduced


in the reform of the Social Security Law is broad enough so that no autonomous community can feel discriminated against. Although made at the request of CiU, the new law will allow any autonomy to claim ownership of Social Security buildings that are under its management. The spokesman of the PP in the commission of Work, Tomas Burgos, sent itself yesterday to censure that decision, because it considers that it will only serve so that the Social Security enters definitively in deficit.

While the debate on spending cuts focuses on the political debate in Catalonia and begins to emerge in other autonomous communities, Andalusia, the main fief of socialists and the community that benefits the most from inter-territorial solidarity, has announced that it will subsidize 1 , 2 million each month to the youth of the so-called ni-ni generation, because they neither study nor work.

The Junta de Andalucía is preparing the convocation of 3,000 scholarships worth 400 euros per month for young people between 18 and 24 years old. The condition is that they are unemployed and that they resume the studies they abandoned in the past. Those who have relatives under their care will have preference.

“Andalusia wants to recover talent and the best options for the future for these young people by offering them a second chance,” said Andalusian Regional Minister Mar Moreno. The initiative of the Board is copied from a proposal that the then president Montilla launched in the Catalan electoral campaign

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